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Neighborhood Traffic

The Poinsettia Heights Civic Association takes neighborhood traffic and traffic safety seriously. We encourage community engagement through our Association to create  and forge strong relationships with fellow neighbors, community leaders, developers, partner agencies and design professionals to ensure traffic safety in our neighborhood.

Roundabout NE 15th Avenue & NE 18th Street
UPDATED June 11, 2018

After several years of being "relatively " accident free, the roundabout has once again been damaged by careless drivers. 


In addition to the regular fender benders, relentless honking and confusion that always plagued the roundabout, the overflow traffic from newly renovated 13th Street and Dixie Hwy has now found a new route to take. 15th Avenue has not had the same speed control devices implemented into the traffic scheme which allows traffic to transit the area slightly faster than Dixie Highway and or avoid 13thStreet altogether by using 26 Street. 


The elevated speed tables on Dixie Highway and illuminated speed detectors on 13th along with constricted roadway have been a solid deterrent to speeding in on those streets. However, it has detoured fast moving traffic back into our neighborhood. This coupled with new traffic and seasonal weather has led to more and more serious accidents at roundabout. 


The repairs for landscaping, light poles and monuments comes out of the taxpayer pockets since most cars leave the scene before police arrive. The Poinsettia Heights Civic Association is also responsible for the maintenance of the monuments and may also have to pay for repairs for the damage. These repairs can run into the hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the amount of damage. 


One solution discussed with neighbors at the roundabout and the Ciivic Association Board is to implement the same speed control devices such as illuminated speed detectors on 15th Avenue to reroute traffic back to US1, Sunrise or 26th street where it should be.


Your voice can create change! The Poinsettia Heights Civic Association urges all of our fellow neighbors to reach out to and inform them of your concerns.

Help us to demand changes be made to improve the traffic safety on 15th Avenue and the Roundabout at NE 15th Avenue. Request traffic safety measures to be implemented now! 

Contact our District II Commissioner and Mayor Today

District II Commissioner Steve Glassman

Mayor Dean Trantalis

June 11, 2018 Update

The Poinsettia Heights Civic Associaiotn Board voted unanimously to draft a letter to Mayor Trantallis and District II Commissioner Glassman concerning the ongoing traffic issues at the roundabout. The PHCA Board formerly requested these issues to be addressed and additional traffic safety devices be placed to help reduce traffic speeds.

Mayor Trantallis Letter

District II Commissioner Glassman Letter

June 19, 2018 Update

As a direct result of the PHCA's letter on June 11th, a City Project Manager completed a review of the NE 15th Ave roundabout and have begun working on several items that would help eliminate the issues at the traffic circle.

The Project Manager provided the following information concerning changes:

  • Speed radar signs, where existing speed limit signs are located.(Will send to County with the view of reducing current speed of 35MPH to possibly 25MPH)

  • Increase lighting to the traffic circle that illuminated the roundabout.(By having the current two lighting bulbs replaced by four bulbs, which will increase lighting)

  • Request Raised Pavement Markings from staff to see if warranted.( This will help reduce motorists from driving over the medians)

  • Broward County Traffic Engineering Department to repair damaged sign MUTCD #R4-(Reported from project manager during field review)

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