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Our Board Members

Poinsettia Heights Civic Association wants you to become a Board Member, our community is what we make it, consider making a difference.

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Alex Collazo

Alex moved to Poinsettia Heights in 2001. He grew up in the neighborhood attending Sunrise Middle and Fort Lauderdale High.  He became involved with PHCA because of the traffic issues in the neighborhood has been volunteering on the PHCA Board since 2006 and has been active in the community ever since. Alex stepped in as President spring of 2019. Always working to build a stronger bond and solid communication between the neighborhood, schools and the City!

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Vice President
James LaBrie

James (Jim) Labrie has been a resident of Poinsettia Heights for 20 years, moving here from Boston Massachusetts in 2002.  While in Boston he earned his MBA from Boston University.  Jim retired in 2017 following a successful professional career in the Healthcare field where he worked in a variety of areas.

In addition to his volunteer work for the Poinsettia Heights Civic Association, Jim also serves on the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Infrastructure Task Force Advisory Committee (ITFAC).  For the past five years he has been a Member on the Broward Steering Committee for Equality Florida.  In 2019 he started a small company called “Swimming Fundamentals” where he provides swim lessons to adults who have never learned to swim.  Jim enjoys working in his yard, walking his dog, and swimming.

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Robert Spagnola
Lives in Poinsettia heights. More to follow.


Board Member
Thomas W. Mabey II
Born and raised in New Jersey, became a resident of Fort Lauderdale in 2016. 

Board Member
Michele Keesee
Lives in Poinsettia heights. More to follow. 

Board Member
Jonna Tuukkanen 
Lives in Poinsettia heights. More to follow.

Previous Board Members

We thank all of our previous Poinsettia Heights Civic Association Board Members for their time, commitment and dedicated service to our neighborhood and our community. Your vision, service and contributions to the Association & Poinsettia Heights is appreciated by us all. 

Jennifer Spillane

Jennifer is our former Board VP. She attended the University of Hawaii @ Manoa and Missouri State University and served in the US navy for 6 years. She then worked in corporate America for 25 years, first in Pharma and then in title insurance, advancing to senior vice president and area manager before "retiring" to consultant work since 2017. Ms. Spillane has sat on the board of numerous non-profits including CREW and Orlando City Soccer's Foundation. Ms. Spillane has been a Guardian ad Litem since 2017 and joined the League of Women Voters of Broward County & she is now Chair of the Speaker's Bureau.

Ron Weinbaum

Ron is our former Treasurer and is the previous President of our Civic Association. He is a CPA by profession and an avid volunteer in his community!

Jackson Boren

Jackson is our former Treasurer. He bought his Poinsettia Heights home in 1990. While making many trips to Chicago, he observed the numerous positive changes in our neighborhood. His permanent move to Fort Lauderdale didn't occur until 2005. Currently Jackson divides his time between the Studio3 Design office in Chicago and volunteer work in Fort Lauderdale. Jackson served as the 2nd VP on the board of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations (CFLCA) and volunteers for Green Your Routine (GYR). Additionally he was on the Board of PHCA and coordinated the CFLCA and GYR efforts for PHCA. "The only way to make your voice heard is to get involved." this item about? what makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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Poinsettia Heights Neighborhood boundry map
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