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Neighborhood Zoning

One of the goals of the Poinsettia Heights Civic Association is to shape the outcomes of planned projects within our neighborhood through creative thinking and sound civic engagement that results in a sustainable, high-quality of life for our residents, incomparable experience for our visitors and an exceptional sense of community for us all.


We encourage community engagement through our Associations Volunteer Programs to forge strong relationships with fellow neighbors, community leaders, developers, partner agencies and design professionals to ensure the future of our neighborhood. Our goal is focusing on enhancing the quality of life and improving livability in Poinsettia Heights, by engaging with city officials to prompt well-designed development and redevelopment through sound planning principles.

Vista Haus North
May 8, 2018

Terraces Development LLC has submitted an application and submitted plans to the Development Review Committee concerning the redevelopment of the Poinsettia Heights property located at 1801 through 1829 NE 13th Street. There are also plans to redevelop an adjacent Lake Ridge property located at 1245 NE 18th Avenue which is also located on the opposite side of 13th Street.

The project cost for the redevelopment of 1801 NE 13th Street is estimated at approximately 7 million dollars.

The Poinsettia Heights Civic Association President John Mulroy and Vice President Tony McFann attended the Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting on May 8, 2018.


During the meeting members of the DRC performed their initial review of the proposed projects and addressed some items contained within the plan concerning certain code related items including waste management, sidewalk, lighting, bicycle racks and landscaping improvements.


As more information concerning this project becomes available to us we will provide more details. 

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